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The Sunset Park Task Force is made up of Sunset Park residents, mission-driven organization leadership, public agency staff, local property owners, business owners, and local elected officials. 

If you are interested in joining the Task Force please complete the application form below.

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Personal Information
Do you live in Sunset Park?
Do you work in Sunset Park?
If "yes," do you work in the waterfront district?
Interest in the Task Force
Which of the Task Force’s focus areas align with your areas of interest/expertise? (select top 3)
Are you applying to represent an organization/agency/business working in Sunset Park or as a resident?
Membership Expectations
Task Force members are required to participate in at least ~3 meetings per year. Meetings are held during various times of the day (rotating quarterly). Do you believe you can meet the requirement?
Task force members are encouraged to attend all full Task Force meetings each year (~4), participate on at least one subcommittee every 3 years, and suggest meeting agenda topics from time to time. Would you be interested in participating beyond the minimum requirements?